Here goes nothing…


Well, here goes nothing. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for awhile. Both my mom and older sister have a blog (I’ll link those if I ever figure this out…) but I never followed through because 1. my life is pretty boring and 2. my life is pretty boring. And yes, I get that it’s not that far into 2017 but I am not one to make New Years resolutions so this is definitely not one of those. I finally decided to take the plunge because 1. I love writing 2. my life may be boring but I love talking/sharing my thoughts on the latest celeb gossip/recommending a book you can’t put down and 3. I figured why not?

My friend, Jolene, gave me the “Bring me Pizza and Peonies” doormat for Christmas. It was love at first sight because I LOVE pizza (pineapple and bacon, please!) and I LOVE peonies. When I had to reach wayyyy deep down and try to come up with a blog title, Pizza and Peonies seemed to be the perfect name!

As mentioned above, my life is pretty boring. And even though it’s boring, I am pretty busy (my parents didn’t warn me enough about adulthood). That said, I’m not sure how often I’ll do a blog post; you may read more from me some weeks versus others. However much I end up writing, I think I’ll be fairly proud of myself for finally taking the blog plunge!


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