Oh baby!

My bestie is having a BABY and I am super excited to be an auntie to my future niece (pretty please!) or nephew (okay, I’ll like you too!)! I have other friends who have had kids, but this time it’s different.

Whitney and I have been besties since Kindergarten.  I don’t remember exactly how we met; all I know is that I can’t remember a time when she and I weren’t friends. We also grew up on the same street, about a block from one another, which made us perfect playmates. We did Brownies together (I think she lasted longer than me), dressed up together for Halloween (candy buttons, anyone?), played together on recreational basketball teams (go Flower Power!), went to camp together, and played Barbies, rode bikes, skated, and invented our own games for hours on end. We were the type of friends that teachers knew needed to be separated in the classroom. Unfortunately for them, we always found ways to still pair up. Being a teacher now, I can only imagine how our teachers felt about this!

We weren’t in the same middle school classes and we went to completely different high schools, but stayed best friends. We learned to share each other with other people but also knew that no one could take each other’s place. Whitney (with my mom) was my first visitor at Gonzaga and even though we saw less of each other and our conversations became less frequent because life got busy and we lived in different states, we were the type of friends who could pick up right where we left off.

Here we are 25ish years later and I am still lucky enough to call her my bestie. We talk almost daily through texts, share life’s ups and downs with each other, and definitely  know never to judge each other when chowing down on chips and salsa. One of the best parts about moving back to California is getting to see each other on a more frequent basis. And this is definitely more important now because…

SHE’S HAVING A BABY! So, as you can see, this baby is a little different than the others. Whitney and her hubby, Jeff, are going to make fantastic parents and I intend to be that cool aunt that lets Baby Rowan do all the fun stuff that his/her parents don’t let him/her do. And as stated above, my fingers are crossed for a girl although I am sure a boy would grow on me eventually! 😉




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