Social Media Sensation


I always look forward to Mondays. Not because the work week starts again and not because I have to set my alarm again after two days of sleeping in, but because it’s Bachelor Monday! I’ve watched every season of the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise. To say it is my guilty pleasure is an understatement! My family can make fun of me all they want and Michael can roll his eyes at me when I ask him to record it for me (I don’t have cable so I need to mooch!), but I don’t care. They are the ones missing out! I’ve wanted to do a Bachelor post for awhile now but didn’t know what I’d write. That changed last night!

I signed up for Twitter about a year ago to follow some of my favorite celebrities. I follow 160 people, have 35 followers, and have basically only retweeted articles I want to come back to and tweets about books that I need to remember. Once in a while I tweet about the Bachelor while watching and use #TheBachelor hashtag so that Bachelor Nation can see my tweet and appreciate my humor. Usually this results in about one or two people liking it.

Michael is out of town so instead of mooching off of his cable, I had to mooch off my parent’s satellite and watch last night’s episode on my computer. I tweeted one thing and it just blew up! Even as I am writing this, almost 24 hours later, I’m still getting notifications on my phone. And the kicker is that I even spelled the contestant’s (okay, this makes The Bachelor sound like a game show when it is definitely NOT!) name wrong! Twitter doesn’t let you edit posts so I had to leave it. So apparently people who tweet don’t care about proper spelling because currently it has 353 retweets and 1,551 likes. My mom said I was a social media sensation. You can see the tweet below in all it’s glory. Not bad for someone who still only has 35 followers!



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