Music to Quicken your Step

I have a love/hate relationship with exercising. Typically after a long day of work, exercising is the last thing I want to do. I’m tired! And yes, I realize that exercising will give me more energy, but still. I belong to a studio near my apartment that offers a bunch of fitness classes like barre, spin, and strength training. Barre class is my favorite. Who knew that tiny little movements could make you hurt so much! I also try to do a nice walk/run a couple days a week. The only way that this walk/run is bearable is because I am listening to some great tunes to quicken my step. Below are some of my faves. Check them out and add them to your work-out playlist!

Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A

Magic by Thomas Gold

All We Know by The Chainsmokers

Romantic-NOTD Remix by Stanaj

September Song by JP Cooper

Where I Want to Be by A R I Z O N A

Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt (because every good playlist needs some country!)

Happy cardio!



One thought on “Music to Quicken your Step

  1. Here are a few from Peloton instructor playlists: Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder, Drumming Song by Florence + The Machine, Dangerous by Big Data. Give ’em a try!


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