Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s Divide



Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, dropped on Friday. I didn’t listen to it until Saturday morning but since then, it has been playing nonstop. I listened while I lesson planned, I listened while I read, I listened while I drove back to LA from my parent’s house. I am listening as I write this and I am already looking forward to my commute in the morning where I can keep listening. Perhaps I should introduce my students to it, too! They ARE always requesting music while we are working…

I’ve loved Ed Sheeran since his early days– Lego House and Give Me Love being my faves from his first album. And his most underrated song? Definitely Tenerife Sea on his album, Multiply. See, I know Ed Sheeran. And this newest record is right up there with his other ones.

Here are my favorite songs off his new album:

Perfect This one gave me goosebumps. I am a sucker for sweet lyrics and how can you get any sweeter than these?

I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling you look perfect tonight

Galway Girl– Thank goodness Ed breaks up his slow songs with some more upbeat ones. My emotions can only take so much! Right away this one took me back to PS I Love You. This is a fun one to sing along to!

Happier– This one is sweet and sad and everything that Ed Sheeran songs usually are. I think most people can relate to at least one thing in this song.

Supermarket Flowers– I have tears in my eyes every time I listen to this one. I thought it was written for his mom but it’s actually written for his grandmother from his mom’s point of view. The lyrics that got me?:

So I’ll sing Hallelujah, you were an angel in the shape of my mum
When I fell down you’d be there holding me up
Spread your wings as you go
And when God takes you back
He’ll say Hallelujah, you’re home

Have you listened to any new songs yet? What are your faves?


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