First Day of School Take Two

Yesterday was the first day at our new campus! We are a new school (right now, we have 6th, 7th, and 9th grade. Next year, we will be adding 8th and 10th grade) so we have been at a temporary site since the start of the year while our school was being built. Move-in day was on Friday and yesterday was the kid’s first day on site.

Let me start off by saying how much I love my school. This is my 7th year teaching (what?!) and this is by far been the most challenging and most rewarding year. I am not going to say anything about my previous school other than share that I ruminated on leaving the field of teaching so many times during my time there. My new school is a complete 180 from what I was used to. My admin could not be more supportive, there are so many opportunities for professional growth, and my kids are the best. Seriously. I miss them when I’m not at school! I mean, I love my weekends but I am always happy to see my students. I don’t dread coming to work like I used to.

Several of my students came on Friday to help with moving and setting up the new classes. It was so much fun seeing their faces light up. They deserve this new school so much and I am really proud at how our new campus is going to help our community. Yesterday the students swarmed into the building when the first bell rang and they were in awe of the simplest things– bulletin boards in the hallways, the colored tile on the floors…

I am still in the process of setting up my classroom but here are some pictures so far. I am waiting on a few bulletin boards to be put up and I am setting up a reading area complete with a rug and pillows but you can wait to see that until it’s all finished 🙂





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