Little Miss Mags

Today, my family had to say goodbye to little miss Maggie, our 12 year old Welsh Corgi. I am thankful that I was able to be out at my parent’s house last weekend so I could tell her goodbye and that I love her one last time. The only other goodbye I vividly remember saying to her was the one right before I left for college freshman year. I picked puppy Maggie up out of pen, held her close to me, and said goodbye. This goodbye was a million times harder.

Maggie was Erin’s dog. After we decided her service dog wasn’t working for her, Erin got Maggie as more of a companion dog. She was the best companion dog we could have asked for. Maggie was spunky and was just a plain weirdo in the best way. Even though Erin never uttered a word to her, Maggie knew who her person was. She provided comfort during hospital stays and was just a friend who kept Erin company around the house. On one of my visits home during college, I tried to get Maggie to sleep in my room. It didn’t work. She wanted to sleep in her bedroom with her person.

Over the last couple of months, specifically the last few weeks, Maggie’s health had gotten progressively worse. She was having a really hard time moving, would go to the bathroom in the house, and didn’t finish her food. Maggie LOVED food so I think this was what really indicated that she wasn’t feeling well. Maggie also loved her people so much. She loved getting her belly rubbed and would roll right over the second you starting petting her. In the last few days, she was in so much pain that she didn’t want any of us touching her. I’d get down on the floor to talk to her and pet her and she would snip at me or get up and move. It was hard not to take it personally or not be sad that I didn’t really get to say a proper goodbye because she didn’t want me near her, but I think that was her telling us how poorly she was feeling.

What helps a little bit is knowing that Maggie knew it was time. She didn’t fight it and even the vet said she was “worn out.” I am thankful that my dad was there with her, too. I was talking with my mom and we both agreed that Maggie is now with Wayne in doggie heaven and Wayne, who did not particularly like Maggie, is saying “Are you kidding me? Why are you here?!” While Wayne is sitting by the pool, Maggie is definitely laying on her back, waiting for a Puppachino to arrive.

It’s been extremely hard losing two dogs basically within a year of each other. It still feels weird looking out the kitchen window and not seeing Wayne and I know it’ll now be weird to visit home and not be greeted by Maggie. In instances like this, I am envious of the people who don’t have dogs because they will never know the heartbreak. But when I really think about it, it makes me feel sorry for them because they will also never know the unconditional love that they bring.







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