City Views

In my year of living in Los Angeles, I’ve been on more “hikes” (I say this with quotes because I don’t use a walking stick and don’t carry a backpack that could sustain me for days, but I still think climbing up a hill on a dirt path qualifies as a hike…) than I ever did during my six years in Arizona. One reason why is because the weather here allows for more outdoor time. But the main reason I’ve come to enjoy hiking so much is because of the views. I’m not a desert landscape type of gal. Give me a city-scape though? Yes, please! Here are some of my favorite places to hike in the area.

Griffith Park





Ernest E. Debs Regional Park



Eaton Canyon 



Stough Canyon



And these next two aren’t hikes, but two of my other favorite spots to wog (walk/jog, remember?) because the views are great, too.

Vista Hermosa 



Orange Grove, Pasadena



Music to Quicken your Step

I have a love/hate relationship with exercising. Typically after a long day of work, exercising is the last thing I want to do. I’m tired! And yes, I realize that exercising will give me more energy, but still. I belong to a studio near my apartment that offers a bunch of fitness classes like barre, spin, and strength training. Barre class is my favorite. Who knew that tiny little movements could make you hurt so much! I also try to do a nice walk/run a couple days a week. The only way that this walk/run is bearable is because I am listening to some great tunes to quicken my step. Below are some of my faves. Check them out and add them to your work-out playlist!

Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A

Magic by Thomas Gold

All We Know by The Chainsmokers

Romantic-NOTD Remix by Stanaj

September Song by JP Cooper

Where I Want to Be by A R I Z O N A

Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt (because every good playlist needs some country!)

Happy cardio!