It’s Been a Good Year…

As my Facebook kindly reminded me this morning, I officially said goodbye to Arizona and moved back to California one year ago today. I know I seem to say it a lot in my posts, but this last year has probably been one of the best.

I was not happy in Arizona. I had a couple good friends (hi Tricia and Jolene!) but aside from that, I had no roots there.  I was there for six years and never really let myself establish anything because I knew I didn’t want to be there forever. My life there was really lonely– my family was in California, my boyfriend was across the country in Connecticut, and my best friends were either back home or in other states (this I am used to though!) I told my mom, time and time again, that I felt like life was just passing me by. I saw everyone moving forward in jobs, relationships, and just life in general, and I was still not even living where I wanted to. Everyone’s life seemed to be in this straight, easy path and mine had zigzagged all over, leaving me still somewhere I wasn’t happy to be.


I’ve spent the last year exactly where I want to be and with the people I longed to be with the most (minus some people are still in other states 😉 ). That zigzagging road finally took me right to where I wanted it to! Enjoy the picture overload of some of my favorite things from the past year.


















Happy Birthday, Pippa!

Today, Pippa turns ONE! It’s hard to believe this little pup has only been with us for a year (and even less than since we got her when she was 6 weeks old!). I know everyone says they have the sweetest dog, but really, Pippy is THE sweetest!

We (I say we, but really I mean my parents) got Pippa in May of last year. This was about 5 months after we had to put our 14-year old Welsh Corgi, Wayne, down due to health issues. That may be one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to say– people, included. I can just imagine Wayne, who loved relaxing by the pool, giving the side-eye to Pippa if she ever tried to play with him. He would have none of her antics that’s for sure!

It was love at first sight when I met Pippa. My parents got her about a week before I moved back to California and I remember walking in the front door on the Friday that school ended (I wasted no time in leaving Arizona), saw her straight ahead in the family room, and squealed. The squeal scared her and she hid, but I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight for her, too!

My favorite thing about Pippa is how much she loves her people. She is so affectionate and loves curling up next to you. She is also the best greeter whenever you walk through the door. You could be gone for 5 minutes, or in my case, sometimes weeks, but she is just as excited to see you. And having a dog with a tail is seriously the best! We had tailless dogs for 14 years (Maggie is our other pup, a Welsh Corgi like Wayne) and I love being able to see how happy Pippa is with the wagging of her tail! She also has such expressive ears and eyes that look at you with love (seriously!).

Pippa sleeps in my parent’s room and used to put her little hands (yes, hands) up on their bed at about 2am and they would let her up. Let’s just say that Pippa no longer uses her own bed and is in bed with my parents all night. She sleeps with me whenever I stay over and my gosh, she is a massive bed hog! She always needs to be touching you so she curls up right next to you but in this process she basically throws herself at you. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and basically be hanging off the bed with Pippa right next to me and the whole rest of the bed wiiiiide open. She also loves to be right up by your face, so I am never surprised to wake up and have her nuzzled up by my neck.

I often ask my mom what she and I talked about before Pippa because I’m pretty sure 95% of our conversations involve her. I call every day on my way home from work and not too far into the conversation each time is “How is my Pippy?” I can’t even imagine if I was still in Arizona and only got to see her once every couple of months. It makes me sad to even think about! I texted my mom this morning and asked if this is what parents feel like when their children have birthdays– she said no 😉 .

I won’t see Pippy today on her actual birthday but I plan to celebrate with her on Saturday! Maybe a walk? A puppachino from Starbucks? She’s the birthday girl so she can choose! 🙂