Life Lately

Happy Sunday! Hope y’all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I used to dread Sunday SO much because it meant one more sleep until I had to do the whole repeat of the work week. I don’t dread it so so much anymore but am definitely already counting down again til Friday. Here are some of the highlights from the last week or so:

Meet Henry!

Last weekend, the family gained a new member! Henry is an 8-week old Jack Russell and he is THE CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! He and Pippy are becoming fast BFFs which I love the most. She is so gentle with him and he follows her around everywhere. I think my family’s text thread is all dog pictures at this point and I am definitely okay with it. Unfortunately I won’t have the same amount of baby Henry time as I did with Pippa but you can definitely bet that I will be visiting whenever I can to get my dose of puppy!

Summer plans…

My summer is definitely filling up quickly! With the four weeks of summer school and professional development I’ll be doing, it leaves only 3 weeks of actual vacation. And those three weeks are fully booked, too. Michael and I will be in Washington D.C. for a week for his sister’s wedding, Whitney has her flight booked to visit me, and this past week I booked a flight to visit her in Boise at the end of July. Phew! Busy, busy, busy.  Oh, and a friend and I bought tickets to see Justin Bieber at the Rose Bowl in August! 😉 Summer, you’re going to be FUN!



Michael and I rented “Snowden” on Friday night and it was super good! It was slow to start and I was initially really confused with all the technology/government jargon but I’m glad we held out and finished it. I didn’t really play close attention when the documents were leaked a couple years ago but have been reading up on it a ton today. I’m torn with my thoughts on it… obviously it was classified information and he deserves some consequences for exposing it. I know I’m willing to lose some privacy in order for my government to keep me safe. But there is also a line to that and I think he thought it had been crossed and he was standing up for what he believed in. That’s my very surface level thought on the issue 🙂 But anyways, definitely check it out! And put a sticker on your computer camera since you’re being watched…

Teacher Appreciation Week

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and boy, did I feel appreciated. My students, their parents, and my school’s admin and operations team kept the surprises coming all week. We had a lunch theme everyday that kept us well fed and my kids spoiled me with gifts. My favorite were the cards and I will forever cherish them. Teaching is not an easy gig. Some days I have absolutely no patience, other days I question my abilities to help my kids grow as learners, but most days I am fairly certain I have the best job in the world.


Those were the highlights of this past week! Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


Things That Make Me Happy

Today is International Day of Happiness. I had no idea that such a day existed but when we have days like National Go Barefoot Day (June 1) and National Carrot Cake Day (February 3), it makes sense we should have a day for happiness, too.


When we have a hard day at work or are stressed out about things, it’s easy to be unhappy and think that everything is going wrong. I know I am completely guilty of this. It’s all about attitude and how you approach your day. And also seeing the little things, in the midst of the other junk that goes on during your day, that make you happy.

Here is a (short) list of the things that make me happy:

  1. Pippa and Maggie greeting me when I visit my parents
  2. Flannel sheets in winter
  3. Good previews before a movie (the previews before Beauty and the Beast were awful!)
  4. Dole Whips from Disneyland
  5. Shoes that don’t give me blisters (I have very sensitive feet)
  6. A new episode of my favorite show
  7. Sky-blue pink sunsets
  8. Cracking the spine of a new book
  9. Remembering to charge my phone at night
  10. Getting snail mail (bills don’t count)
  11. Finding a hair salon that actually knows how to cut my bangs
  12. Sleeping in until my alarm (this is rare)
  13. When my commute is less than 35 minutes
  14. Being done with a workout
  15. Pizza (I’d be happy only eating pizza for the rest of my life)
  16. The smell of rain
  17. Happy hour with friends that lasts way longer than an hour
  18. Christmas lights
  19. Fresh flowers
  20. A row all to myself on a plane

What things make you happy?